Our Services

    Fiber Cement Siding

    Fiber cement is a cost-effective composite material that combines concrete with cellulose fibers. Among its many beneficial properties, it requires minimal upkeep, resists termites, and is rot and fireproof.

    Our Kelowna exteriors services allow for our clients to have an abundance of fiber cement siding options so that they can choose styles, textures, and colors to match their unique style and taste. All our product offerings provide higher standards in performance and beauty.

    Panel & Plank Siding

    Panel siding is composed of steel and available woodgrains. It is available in a variety of premium-textured finishes, as well as a wide selection of solid colors to match your décor.

    This siding option is versatile as it can be installed vertically, horizontally, or as a soffit panel, making it an excellent fit for your application needs. Our clients also have the option of venting, which can be implemented during the roll-forming process, and it combines well with solid paneling.

    Acrylic Stucco & Masonry

    Acrylic Stucco is made of cement, sand, lime, and water, and it is a popular choice for many homes and buildings. It is also versatile as it can be used for both exterior and interior spaces. This material gives stucco homes a rustic look and is an excellent option for enhancing Tuscan or Spanish styles. Stucco is ideal as it resists inclement weather conditions giving it the ability to protect your structure from rain, wind, or fire.

    We also provide a variety of masonry products that offer a visually appealing surface to enhance finishing touches. Stone offers multiple benefits as it adds value, offers maintenance-free performance, enhances beauty, and is environmentally friendly.

    Exterior Painting

    Our extensive experience with Kelowna exteriors stems from our years in the industry and all the projects we’ve completed along the way. Our advanced painting skills will further enhance any home exterior project.

    We only use products and brands that are of the highest quality to ensure a successful project that is not only beautiful but durable and long-lasting.

    Continuous Gutters

    Our highly skilled and knowledgeable installers will create a seamless design that helps to maintain the strength and integrity of the entire gutter system. This attention to detail helps prevent damage so that expansion, contracting, or freezing conditions will have little to no impact on protecting structures from the elements.

    Our expert team will install the entire eavestrough system to ensure it is sloped correctly, will prevent drainage from pooling, and maintains overall proper draining. Our systems are done right the first time and are designed to last for decades.

    Aluminum Soffits

    We offer aluminum soffit panels in a variety of vented or plain-styles that easily lock together for a quick, professional finish. When matched with ribbed or smooth fascia board, your home will benefit from both style and protection for several years to come.

    The result is an exterior finish that never requires painting, offers long-lasting performance and durability, and coordinates with your unique personal style.

    Decking & Aluminum Railings

    We specialize in providing our clients with all varieties of decking solutions in addition to aluminum railing systems that offer both safety and aesthetics to your home’s exterior space. Our design team will work with you to create an outdoor oasis that matches your personal lifestyle needs. As experienced professionals, we are committed to providing our clients with an honest and straightforward approach that also includes quality craftwork as well as friendly service

    Whether you require a simple addition to your outdoor space or you’re looking for a more contemporary style, our experts can provide an innovative solution for your Kelowna exterior project.

    Custom Timber Work

    If you’re seeking a new front entryway or custom set of gable trusses, our specialized timber work can enhance the curb appeal of your home while also adding value. We only use the best quality products to ensure that your home will stand out. Our highly skilled craftsmen create custom, handmade products that are unique and not found anywhere else.

    If you would like to learn more about enhancing your home through our Kelowna exterior services, call to book your free consultation today.

    Commercial Services

    In addition to serving individual homeowners, a significant portion of our business services commercial clients such as multi-family units, townhomes, condominiums, and other commercial structures.

    Part of our team includes a manager who is onsite daily to monitor progress and quality to help ensure each project is completed on time and within our clients’ budget. They are also there to promote site safety by enforcing WCB requirements every step of the way on all projects.